February 17, 2011

Hamsters and Rabbits and Med Terms, Oh My!

In Medical terminology today we covered a couple more chapters, and then she busted out some rodents!
We learned a little bit about sexing Hamsters and we could hold them!  And then she showed us a bunny.  This bunny was super-calm.  Missy would just set it on the table and it would chill there.  It wouldn't even move!

Another really neat thing she showed us was holding a bunny upside down.  When you cradle a rabbit upside down on your lap, it immobilized it.  That means it doesn't struggle to get away or anything.  She could let it lay there upside down without touching it and it wouldn't go anywhere!  Apparently this makes them really easy to work on!

We also took a quiz (which I'm pretty sure I aced!) and corrected an assignment from last week (0 wrong :)

Now, it's time to practice my cat restraints for next week and chill because I have a 4 day weekend (thank you, President's Day).

Have a good weekend everyone!

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