September 7, 2012

Recap #5725


Let's do some recapping, again ;)

Classes this Quarter

Career Capstone - A class focusing on building resumes, cover letters, and the entire job application process, including a mock interview.

Equine - a class working with horses.  It's not bad, just a whole new topic and something I've never spent much time with.

Production Animals - for this class, we go to a large Dairy Farm every other week.  I've learned so many new things.. and got to try SO many new things including castration, dehorning, DA surgery, IV infusions, rectal and vaginal exams, and much much more.

Application of Clinical Skills ("Dentistry") - For this class we do a big review of many topics including emergency care, wound management, bandaging, and we learn a new topic - Dentistry.  We learn how to clean and polish teeth, chart formally and other things.

Big, BIG News!

In October, I will be beginning an internship!! I have secured my location at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota in Oakdale and St. Paul.  I began the process a couple months ago by talking with one of my instructors who works up there.  I talked with Career Services and put together my resume and cover letter weeks before my classmates even began thinking of an internship.

After a month, and some call backs, I got a call for an interview and drove for the first time in the cities.  I was 30 minutes late because of a construction traffic jam!  Everyone was really understanding, and my interview went swimmingly.  By the end, I was offered the internship!  I took some time going through the clinic and learning where I will be learning!

On Sunday, I will be going up for an Orientation/Shadow.  I get to follow around a tech with "no pressure" to do anything but sit back and watch.  I am thrilled and a little nervous.  I can't wait for the rest of my life to start, and this is just another step!

What's Next

I have three weeks left of this quarter, and then a week off from school, in which I will be starting my internship.  Then, my last quarter (yes, LAST quarter!) will be my internship and a review class for the VTNE.  I will not be working, but we'be been saving up for this.

I really want to blog a few times a week, mostly for my benefit regarding the internship, once it starts.

Cheers to the journey!