January 30, 2011

Here We Go!

I am a Vet Tech student starting my 5th week of my program.  I have decided to document my journey through my schooling :)  I will be changing names and places so no one gets mad, and I don't get in trouble ;)
I plan on trying to write about once a week, but I know how I am so it may be more or it may be less.

I will start by saying that I absolutely love school so far!

My Classes
Intro to Veterinary Technology
College Algebra
Global Citizenship
Veterinary Medical Terminology

So far, they have been very manageable.  I have to make time to do homework outside of class, but it's fun and I never dread doing it...not even Biology!

Quick Recap of the Last 4 Weeks
Since I'm in my 5th week already, I'll start by recapping what we've done so far.

Intro to Vet Tech is taught by Katie, a CVT who's been in the field for 9 years.  She's fantastic and we always have a lot of discussion in our class.  In the past 4 weeks we've covered basics like OSHA, keeping up a vet clinic, etc.  This past week we studied cat and dog breeds and will be starting restrains next week!

College Algebra is taught by Emily.  This class rocks because I'm so good at Algebra!

Global Citizenship is taught by Julie.  It's an interesting class that has a lot of discussion on world issue and things like that.  We also have to do a service learning project that involves volunteering at a Independent Senior Living facility (piece of cake for me!)

Biology is taught by Mark.  He's a chiropractor and really knows his stuff.  The class is sort of difficult but for being a 4 hour night class he makes it go by pretty smooth.  We do a weekly quiz on medical terms (which help w/ my vet med term class) and we just finished a unit on cells, atoms, basic biology stuff.  I got a 98% on my first exam....which was pretty flippen awesome :):)

Veterinary Medical Terminology is taught by Vickie.  She is also the program chair for the Vet Tech Program.  We've basic terms including directional and positioning terms.

Wrap Up
Like I said, I'd like to keep this blog going as a memoir, a chance to talk with other VT students, and keep my family up to date, if they want :)  Feel free to comment, question, whatever.  I want to have fun with this!