February 15, 2011

Flying High on Life :)

Hello friends!

Yesterday we covered more behavioral things in Intro to Vet Tech, and Funtions in Algebra.

Today we met at the Old Folks home again for Global Citizenship.  It was a lot of fun!  We played a card game called "Wizards," which is similar to Hearts, and I played Blackjack with a few folks as well.  They're so appreciative and always have questions to ask about us.  I'm sad we don't get to go back, actually.

After class, I was going to give Kyle a ride back to school since he doesn't have a vehicle at the moment.  On the way back, he spotted Arby's and wanted to go.  I told him I was too cheap and he said he'd pay.  Free Lunch.  Bitchin Kitchen!

We got back to school and ate, then I finished up a PowerPoint Presentation for Biology on Alaskan Malamutes (I worked with Krystal and the dog was her idea).  We presented them today and we totally aced it :)

We also did our Midterm evaluations...and Mark had like nothing to say to me since I'm getting an A in the class :)  He did say he thought my Biology Article Review was very interesting (I got 100% on it!), and I did well on my Egg Osmosis Lab (also got 100% on it!).

Anyways, I'm flying high on life right about now.  Free lunch, aced my presentation, kicking ass in all my classes!  And we're FOR SURE working with animals in class tomorrow!! Woot Woot! :):):)

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