February 9, 2011

Wedneday, Week 6 :)

This week in Global Citizenship we did half of our Service Learning Project.  Our SLP was to go to some Independent Living Senior Apartments to visit and play games with the Residents!  I was suppose to bring topics to talk about and totally didn't, but everything went great!  A friend of mine from High School, KC, is taking this class online and decided to come along with our class to do her project as well.  

We spent the entire 2 hours just visiting with the residents!  They talked about what we're going to school for, where we lived, and things like that.  I thought it was a lot of fun and we even got cookies at the end! ;)
The residents were very happy for us to come back next week, and I'm excited too!

In Biology we had an exam (which I didn't do very well on, I don't think), and a medical terminology quiz (which I know I aced).  I didn't have time to study for either because I was finishing up on the Lab Report and Article Review that was due that day, and I had an appointment with Financial Aid (ew, I know).

Today in Intro to Vet Tech we went over more behavior things and for the last 20 minutes Katie went over restraints on a real dog!!  He was a Pug and it was really funny to see his face all squished in her arm!! Haha.  Next Monday, it will be our turn!! I'm so very excited!!

Finally, in College Algebra we took our Midterm Exam (I got 100% on it!) and Emily said if we had finished our homework that was due we were free to go.  The class normally runs from 1:20-3:25...and I got out at 1:45 :)  Pretty sweet!  I am now getting over 100% in two of my classes!!  I'm pretty proud of myself :):)

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