February 12, 2011


I did my preceptorship (aka: Job Shadow for School) yesterday!

It was so much fun!  I watched them do part of a dental on a miniature poodle, a dew-claw removal on 5 Bernese Mountain Pups that were... THREE DAYS OLD (Adorable!! and loud!), one cat neuter (fastest, easiest surgery EVER), two dog neuters, and I watched them work on a cat with a hernia.  They let me feel the hernia before they did the surgery, and then I got to see inside the cat and see the actual hernia..and the little guy's spleen that was trying to poke out!  They did blood draws, ran tests, and they even found some ear mites and put them under a microscope so I could see them crawling around.  I got to sit in on a pre-surgery consultation, and even helped restrain a few animals.  I got to helpp carry an anesthetized Black Lab too!

I actually did one of these job shadows before I started school, so I knew this was what I wanted to do.  But this one was a LOT neater and I got to see a lot more stuff.  The Techs, DVM, and Support Staff were all extremely helpful and tried to show me as much as they could.  They answered all of my questions, and gave me advice on things that they've learned working in the field, that you don't always learn in school.

I'm so glad that this was required, because I learned a lot.  And, it again confirmed that THIS is what I want to do, and gives me that much more drive in doing great in school!! :):):)

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