February 3, 2011

Week 6 - Half Done :)

In Intro to Vet Tech, we learned about restraints on animals...and practiced them on stuffed animals!  We had a lot of fun, and it's exciting to know we'll be restraining animals for real in the next two weeks :):)  We practiced manual restraints and then used E-Collars (the "cones" so dogs and cats can't lick their wounds), a rabies pole and talked about slip leashes.  And of course, I went straight home and practiced them on all of the animals!!

In Biology we went over our Exams from last week (I got a 98%!), and it turns out I had the best grade in the class!  Made me feel pretty good, but someone pointed it out in front of the whole class, so I got sort of embarrassed.  People are like, "You're so smart," and I hate that.  It makes me think people are always going to be like "I bet she got the best grade," or "I know she did good on this quiz."  It puts me on a pedestal and that makes me feel like I can't do bad.

On a side note, I made a full study guide out of the study questions he gave us and a girl in my class named Krystal called me an "overachiever."  I countered with "No, that's how you get a 98% on our last exam!"   Shut her right up :)

Global Citizenship was really interesting.  We did this thing called an Insights Personality Profile.  I think I'll post another blog entirely dedicated to that, because I think it's very interesting.

Algebra went swimmingly as well.  Again, someone mentioned how I'm an "overachiever" because when we were only suppose to do 1/2 the problems in our packet, I did all of them.  I like math, and it's relaxing to do for me, so I did them all.  The best part was I worked like way ahead so I had nothing to do in class on Wednesday :)

Today I had Vet. Med. Term.  We had our first exam and I literally didn't study for it.  My total score (after 2 pts extra credit) was 88%.  Pretty bitchin.  It also made me realize I have a knack for memorizing Med Terms, and if I put a little more effort into it, I could have Aced that exam.

Midquarter Evaluations
At my school, they have mandatory midquarter evaluations for the students to do on the teachers.  I think this is such a great idea.  At the Tech school I used to go to these were optional, and always at the end of the semester.  Doing them in the middle gives the Instructors a chance to improve based on their students responses.

Next Week
Next week I have a billion things do, mostly in Biology!  I have:
-Biology article review
-Biology lab write-up
-Biology Exam 2
-Biology Med Term Quiz
-Global Citizenship Reflection Paper

I guess that's how it goes during mid-quarter, but I can handle it.

More Writing
I realized this week that waiting to the end of the week means too much to write about!  I'll try posting a couple times next week so I can get more info in...and you don't get bored reading to much!

Thanks for Reading!

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