February 17, 2011

4 Skills Down, 16 to Go (This Quarter)!

We finally got to work with real animals today!!
We practiced restraints on cats!  My cat was very agreeable to everything I did to her, and even gave me loving between restraints :)

For the Vet Tech Program, you receive what's called an Essential Skills book.  This book contains every procedure you will learn and need to know during your entire 2 years in the program.  For this class, there are 20 check-off tasks. 

You have three attempts to pass these:
Passing the 1st attempt gives you 100%
passing the 2nd time gives you 80%
and passing the 3rd time gives you 70%.
If you fail the third time, you fail the skill and will not pass the class.

Plenty of in-class time is available to practice, and there are open labs every Wednesday so students may come in and practice as well.

ESP: 4/20
Today, even though it was our first day working with the animals, I already got four skills checked off!
-Properly Applying a Feline Muzzle
-Encage and Remove Small Animals From Cages
-Apply an Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar)
-Trim Nails (Cats)

Next week, we will be testing to sign off on the four techniques for restraining cats (which we practiced today), and then we'll start practicing the Dog restraints.  I think the next seven days I will have to torture our kitties so I know I can pass the test on the first try :)

I think I will try to post the number of Essential Skills that I have passed periodically, so if you see ESP: 4/20 (Essential Skills Passed) that's what that means :)  Remember, the 20 skills mentioned are only for the class I am taking this quarter...there will be many more for each class that I take in the future.

In Algebra, we covered graphing rational expressions.  It is something that is tedious, but I find relatively easy to do.  This week is going by very smooth with very little homework...and I have a four day weekend coming up because of President's Day!  Now, though, I need to go study some Medical Terms for my quiz tomorrow :)

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