March 1, 2011

Long Time, No Post eh?

Howdy all.

Well, I busted my dreams of perfect attendance last week...a Cold got the better of me :(
I missed an entire week of classes, but luckily we had off of school on Monday, so I only missed one day of each of the five classes that I'm taking.  I spent the time on the couch, and did like 2 homework assignments.

I am doing better, although still full of snot, but I made it back to classes today.  I really didn't have that much make-up work either and I have everything done already!

Today we went over the Physical Exam process in Intro to Vet Tech.  It was a lot of information, but very interesting.  Wednesday I will test on my Feline restraints (they tested on them last Wednesday when I was gone), and Canine Restraints (they practiced those when I was gone too, but I think I will do okay because I practice all the time at home!).

Algebra is great because I understand the concepts really quickly, so I did them and had time to work on the work I missed last week.  I was caught up by the end of the class :)

I also realized that this is WEEK 9, and that means I only have four weeks left of my first quarter!  I love having 12 week quarters a opposed to 16 week semesters.  I think you learn better and do not get burnt out as much.

Finally, a story for you.  We were hanging out with a few friend the other night, and Gangster was talking about taking his dog to the Vet.  He said they told him his dog has knee caps that move out of place.  I was like... "Luxating Patellas?"  He said yep and everyone stared at me in awe!  Felt pretty awesome to rattle off a condition like that!  I also told them a few facts about it!  Who knew I would have real-world application in the first 8 weeks of my career here at school??

On the Agenda tomorrow:
-Global Citizenship
-Biology Exam and Med. Term. Quiz

Have a good night!

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