March 9, 2011

Free, Free, Free!

Howdy All :)

Yesterday I worked with a group on a brochure for Intro to Vet Tech about restraining animals in the clinical setting.  I worked well with my group and we rocked it out.  I also got a paper back that I wrote about my preceptorship experience and I got a 98% on it!

A couple weeks ago, I turned in a 200pt assignment late so the most I could get on it was half credit.  It brought my grade down a lot.  With my preceptorship paper and some other things, I brought my grade back up to a B :)

Tomorrow we get to start Physical Exams on the animals!  We'll be learning things like taking vitals and what to look for when you first get an animal in the clinic!  It's exciting! :):)

Today in Global Citizenship we had a busy day.  We revised our Service Learning Reflection Papers, and Julie said mine was great :)  We turn them in next week for a final grade.  Then one of the guys in our class bought Pizza Hut for everyone!  THEN, I did a presentation on a Life of Simplicity and and I think everyone liked it.  I also got full points on it :)  We ended the class working on posters.  Mercedes pulled up Pandora on her phone and we jammed out to Old School Country songs the rest of the period.  It was AWESOME :)

Next, Scott asked if I would take him to McDonald's (he doesn't have a vehicle at the moment), and he bought me lunch.  I helped him out with some Algebra, and then Christina bought Starburst, Skittles, Cookies and Goldfish for Biology tonight.    I'd say it was one hell of a good Free Food day!

The weeks are dwindling down.  It's exciting to know I'm a couple weeks away from finishing my first quarter!

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