March 16, 2011

Essential Skills....Complete!

Yesterday, my battery decided to die in my car so I missed Global Citizenship.  We got it replaced before five, so I made it to Biology.  We finished up the final chapters and did a Jeopardy review.  It should be a pretty intense test.  Hopefully I can handle it :)

Today in Intro to Vet Tech we finished the last of our Essential Skills!!  I completed all twenty of them...all on the First Try :D

I can now officially:
-Properly apply canine and feline restraints for various procedures
-Apply gauze or nylon muzzles on canines
-Apply nylon muzzles to felines
-Use a restraint pole (canines)
-Use small animal restraint tools such as a towel, cat bag, etc
-Encage and remove small animals from cages
-Apply an E-Collar
-Implement sanitation procedures for small animal holding and housing areas
-Trim canine and feline nails
-Express canine anal sacs
-Clean and medicate canine and feline ears
-Obtain TPR (temperature, pulse and respiration) on canines and felines and auscultate (listen to with a stethoscope) the heart and lungs


In algebra, we did a review for the final next week.  

I had animal care duty this afternoon as well.  For the morning shift, you take the dogs out, clean the cat and dog kennels, change water, feed them, and obtain TPR's.  The afternoon shift is different.  We spot clean the kennels and clean the classrooms.  Finally, we get to exercise the animals!  The dogs are walked for 10-15 minutes and they get a chance to play.  The cats hang out in the classrooms with us and play while we clean.  I was sweeping and a 5 month old kitten was chasing the broom.  Adorable :)

Next quarter I am signed up for all pm shifts, and I'm excited :)

Now, I've got to go study all these med terms for the final tomorrow.  I'll let you know how I do! :)

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