March 10, 2011



This morning I drug myself out of bed at 6:30am for Animal Care Duty at school.  It went really well, and we all worked together well enough we got done 10 minutes early :)

Later, I had Veterinary Medical Terminology.  We reviewed some stuff for the final and then we got to check out two feline cadavers!  Once you get past the formaldehyde stench... it was really cool!  You could see everything!  The liver is huge and the intestines are held into place in a really neat way.  We saw the uterus and pretty much everything else.  I think the coolest part was looking at the veins and arteries.  It was neat to see how small they are and where exactly they are...since we use them for taking pulse (Femoral Artery) and for venipuncture!  She even let us poke and prod them!  The stomach of the one still had some food in it...and I got to feel that!

What a neat experience.

Now its time for the weekend!

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  1. You were up early and wrote this before dark. You better check your pulse