March 18, 2011

First Final...

Well....yesterday I got up at 6:30a for my last (hopefully) ever AM Animal Care Duty.  We did that, and then I worked on some homework.  When Abby got done with class, we got together to study for the final in Medical Terminology.  We spent the next three hours laughing our asses off as we thought of unique ways to remember the med terms.  For example, the medical term for "around" is "Peri-" and we used "Peri around the merry go round."  We had over 150 terms to learn, so we had a blast making up all these ridiculous ways to remember them.

Well, all of our hard work paid off.  I got 106%.  That's right.  I got every single question on the 127 point test correct, and nailed all 8 extra credit questions.  The best part of the whole thing was I even heard Abby start laughing during the exam as she remembered one of our priceless memory techniques.  She also aced the exam!

Next week holds finals in Algebra and Intro to Vet Tech, a bunch of stuff due for Biology including a 10 minute presentation on a disease (I picked Rabies), and who knows what else.  I'm strapping myself in for a wild ride on the roller coaster I call the last week of my First Quarter!!!

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  1. Relating words to daily things? I almost broke my arm off "patting myself on the back"