May 2, 2011

Math Comp One

So, in my program we have several things that we have to accomplish before we can graduate.  One of them is called Math Comps.  Basically, they are math tests for things you'll have to know in the field, like calculating an animal's medication based on its weight.

We have three tries at passing them 100% (sort of like the essential skills), or we don't pass the class.  And these comps are all or nothing.  If you even get one question wrong, it will count as a failed attempt.

Anyways, we had our first one today and I passed it on the first try :)  There were eleven problems and I was one of the two or three people that passed it on the first try :)

Later in class, we got to take ear swabs from cats and looked at them under the microscope!  This is the way ear we diagnose parasites and infections.

Finally, we got to stick a needle into a fatty tumor (kept in formaldehyde) to practice taking a sample from a tumor and then observing it under the microscope!  It was really fun to get back into doing things we'll be doing in the field!

Wednesday we have an Exam.  We'll see how it goes!

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting day!! Cool!!