May 11, 2011

My First Injection!

Today in Veterinary Clinical Skills (VCS), we took our third exam and I think I did really good.

We also had a lab practical, which is basically an Exam where you do something physically, as opposed to answering questions on a test.  Our lab practical was on Ear Cytology, which means taking an ear swab and looking at it under a microscope for things like bacteria, yeast, or parasites.  This is one of our Essential Skills that we have to learn, and I passed it on the first try! :)

While we were in working with the dogs, our instructor wanted us to also practice the various restraints we'll have to be tested on (the same restraints I aced on the first try last quarter!).  As we were practicing them, I turned around and our instructor was holding a syringe filled with "Physiological Saline," aka, saline that is used for students learning to do injections (shots).  She asked "Who would like to try an injection?" and I jumped at the chance!  I was the first person in our class to do an injection on a real, live animal!  Steven held this young dog for me and I got to do a Sub Q injection!  A  Sub Q injection is a shot that is injected under the skin.

Anyways, I thought it was REALLY cool to do it, especially since I was the first person to do it!  There were a few people who didn't do it, because it wasn't planned.  I am SO glad that I did :) :)

I spent my break out and about in the beautiful weather!  Then, we took an Animal Physiology Exam.  I'm not terribly confident in it, so I've made a plan to start studying for this class.  It seems like most things come pretty easy to me and that's because they are shown to me (i.e. restraints, injections, TPR's, exams, etc).  But, if I'm only learning by lecture (i.e. Physiology, Biology, etc), I have a pretty hard time understanding it.  Since I love school so much, and I want to do very well, I guess I'll have to start studying.  My plan is to make and use flashcards for every unit.  It may take some discipline, but I can do it :)

I'll update you later this week on how my Exams went.
By the way, I got full points on my VCS presentation last week :)

Tomorrow, I have the full day off from work and school.  I will write soon! 

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  1. Already changing the lives of animals!! (making them suffer) Just kidding!