May 26, 2011

Bacteria and Gram Stains :)

Monday in VCS we got to help with intakes again.  There was a pretty wild dog and a very viscious cat that were on the intake list.  In both cases, our teacher,  a veterinarian, and John, a CVT, took over and did their TPR, physical exam, etc on them.  It was really neat to see the professionals at work, how they did not let their fear get in the way of the crazy animals, and how they just got it done, no complaining.  It was actually really inspiring to see :)

On Monday, we also went around the school and swabbed several different surfaces to see if we could grow any bacteria from them.  We placed them in a petri dish and let them incubate until Wednesday.  I did the inside and outside of my cell phone, the button to push for sanitizer, and the door handle exiting the girls bathroom.

After some lecture, we got to look at our bacteria samples.  We took individual samples and put them into another petri dish to further explore that specific bacteria next week.  We also took a different sample and put it on a slide to look at under a microscope.  The sample I looked at under the microscope was the one from the inside of my phone.  It had some bacteria, but nothing really outside of the norm.

Friday we get to go to Bob's House, which is a rescue shelter for dogs.  I'm pretty excited :)  And Monday we have no school for Memorial Day, so I probably won't write until next Wednesday or later.

Chow Chow ;)

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