April 27, 2011

Finally Something to Write About!

I haven't written anything because classes have just been basic lecture and information.
Last week, I took my first Exam in Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Skills, and I got a 88% on it :)  Today in Animal Physiology, I rocked out my first Exam with a 95% :):)

We got to work with animals a little bit today in VCS...practicing restraints again.  Our kitty was hilarious...he acted like he was drugged or something.  Extremely lazy and did whatever we wanted him to do.  Awesome patient :)

I really like how this school utilizes hands-on learning.  Last week in Office Procedures, we practiced filling out OSHA injury reports!  And our VCS instructor sent syringes home with us to practice recapping needles safely!

I'm assuming as we get further along in the quarter I'll have more to write about.  I'm sure we'll be doing more with animals starting next week!

That's all for now.  Until next time :)

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  1. At least I have something to read. Still interesting!