April 5, 2011

Start of Second Quarter - 1/8th Done :)

First Day of Class

I started my 2nd quarter today!  I feel like my first quarter went by really fast...but I'm not complaining!
I really like this school's view on scheduling.  We do (2) - 2.5 hour classes a week, instead of (5) - 1 hour classes per week, and we have (4) - 12 week quarters per year as opposed to (2) 16 - week semesters and an (optional) summer course.

My first class today was Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Skills, and it went well.  We went through typical first-day information (syllabus, course competencies, etc) and reviewed some information from last quarter (Medical terms, abbreviations)  and finally we started int on the basic information of what a Clinical Laboratory is, what they do, etc.  

So far, I like it...and I know 7/8 of the people in my class :)

This Quarter's Schedule:
Mondays & Wednesdays (1:10-3:20pm):  Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Skills
Wednesdays (5:30-7:05pm):  Animal Physiology I
Fridays (8:30am-12:10pm):  Veterinary Office Procedures

Side Note :)
Also, I will be starting a new job this week. I will be working in the Deli at a local Supermarket and I'm really excited about a change of pace.  I really think this will give me some income, and I will be able to come home and do homework afterwards.  At my Assisted Living (Memory Care) Job, I couldn't do homework after work.  I came home and had to spend the rest of the night de-stressing.  I think this will be an awesome change :)

Wednesday I have this class again, and Animal Physiology I.  I have classes only 3 days a week this quarter (which really saves on gas), so I will be writing a little less.  Just so you know :)  

Thanks for reading!!

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