April 11, 2011

Weekly Update?

If you have a feeling this blog is so scarce lately, it's not because I've abandoned it.  It's only because there's not much to write about!  The first week of school is always slow, small assignments, syllabuses and rules to go over.  Nothing worth writing about.

Last week in Vet. Clinical Skills, we went started some math (English to Metric conversions).
In Animal Physiology I we went over atoms, cells, etc.
And in Vet. Office Procedures we went through the basics of working the front desk at a clinic, and we got to fill out fake intake forms and checks.  I love doing hands on work in class!

Today in Intro to Vet. Clinical Skills, we spent the first 20 minutes helping check in the new animals for the week.  Every week, the Chippewa County Humane Association loans us about 5 cats and 4 dogs so we can learn on real animals.  This week, we were able to help out with intake (filling out the forms and kennel cards).

Next, we got to play around with the microscopes in class.  We did cheek swabs and checked out the cells that line our cheeks.  It was neat :)

I'll probably write an update Wednesday after classes, or Friday. We'll see ya then!

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