August 25, 2011

Have a Heart (A Cow Heart, That Is!)

Hey :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that we got to play with a cow heart in Anatomy!  We are studying the Circulatory System (heart, blood, arteries and veins), and Dr. Olsen brought one in so we could see the inside of an actual heart, and learn how it works.  I don't know if you've ever seen a cow heart in person, but they're pretty big (think the size of a REALLY thick steak!)  We took turns going through (as in sticking our fingers through!) the valves  and compartments explaining how the blood flows along the way.  It was pretty neat to actually see and feel a real heart to get a good grasp on how it works!

When we were done and cleaning up, I attempted to spray out the sink and accidently sprayed Dr. Olsen....twice!  The sprayer was in a really awkward position and I hit the nozzle while I was trying to manipulate it.  Luckily, Dr. O. has a good sense of humor and thought nothing of it.  It gave my classmates and I quite the laugh though!

Today, we took a Pharmacology exam and I got a 93% on it :)  We also took notes, and did a small lab.  We took out a couple dogs and practiced giving them "pills" (cat food pieces).  Basically, you just open their mouth (protecting yourself from their teeth), and put it right down their throat so their normal reflexes will swallow it the rest of the way.

I'd never pilled an animal before, so it was fun to try, and the dog swallowed it right away for me :)    We also practiced giving "liquid oral medications" (water).  Here, you just take your syringe (without the needle), pull their cheek open, and squirt it right in.  That was a lot easier than I thought it would be too!

Dr. O mentioned that next week we will be giving vaccinations!  I'm very excited and a little nervous.  We'll be doing injections in locations OTHER  than SubQ (under the skin between the shoulder blades), which is the easiest one to do.  It should be interesting!

On Deck for next week is our third and final Math Comp (which I don't have to worry about), and so far no exams!  (We'll see if that changes ;)

Have a good weekend!

P.s. This blogpost was a little longer, but I hope the pictures kept you interested ;)

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