August 18, 2011

Exam after Exam after Exam...

Hello Friends -

It's been a long week, and an exciting one!  I had exams in all three classes, and I'm very excited to say I got A's on all of them!  I'm beginning to realize that we're halfway through the quarter and I'm still getting A's.  This isn't a fluke, this isn't "easy," I'm REALLY just doing really well!  It's a phenomenal feeling!

Today in Pharmacology we did another Lab.  We used the math we've been practicing in a clinical setting.  We used an animal's weight to calculate the correct dosage of a drug for them, and then calculated which size tablet we should use (50mg, 100mg, etc).  Then we practiced counting out the meds for the pill bottle to send home with the client, and also splitting pills.

Once again, it is so exciting to learn hands on!

I also talked with one of my instructors, and I will be beginning my position as a Student Aid to the VT Department on Wednesday!  I know that I will be starting off doing inventory and will also work on the VT bulletin board and other things.  I'm pretty stoked to start it, since it's been "in talks" since last quarter!

I will write more next week and let you all know how it's going!
Thanks for the support!

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