August 4, 2011

Doin What I Love, Lovin What I Do...

Hello Friends -

This week in school I had three more exams.  The first two were Anatomy and Physiology, and I got A's on both of them :)  The third was a different story.  The exam was on Pharmacology and even our instructor warned us that it was the test that his students always scored lowest on.

I pulled off a 77% after hours of studying the night before.  I will take it because many people didn't do as well.  The exam included lots of classes of antibiotics, as well as their functions and both generic and trade names.  I didn't study for the way the test was given (mainly because it was the first one with actual medications on it), but now I know what to study and how to study it for the next exam.  I still have A's in all of my classes, and I plan on working my butt off to keep it that way :)

After class today, a friend of mine asked me to help vaccinate her nine (yes, NINE) seven week old Golden Retriever Puppies!  It was my first paying gig and I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME it felt to do!
She got the vaccinations from Fleet Farm and I had to mix them and administer them subQ (under the skin at the nape of the neck).  A neighborhood girl stopped over and asked if I was a veterinarian! I was very happy to say, "no, but I am studying to become a veterinary technician." : D

Well, I have the weekend to relax and then back to studying next week.  Enjoy the weekend all!

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