July 29, 2011

Week 2 :)

Hello Peeps:

This week I had my first three exams, one in each class.
I had note cards for everything that we had covered, and I studied like mad!  I am very proud to say that I got 100% on every single exam!!  This just cements the idea that all I have to do is apply myself, do the note cards and the studying, and it really will pay off :)

A lot of what we did this week was notes, so I've been spending time making note cards.  We had Animal Care Duty this week as well, and I was told we worked great together and our ACD advisor was "very impressed."  We also practiced injections on stuffed animals yesterday, which was fun!  It was even more fun to find out that later in the quarter, our class will responsible for giving all of the vaccinations for the animals we have each week!

I have three more exams next week (it looks like that will be the norm since this quarter is shorter than the others), so I am off to make more note cards.  If you ever can't find me, start digging through the piles of them that I have! :P

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