July 18, 2011

Back to School :)

Hey all, I'm back! :)

Today was my first day back to school after a three week break.  I really enjoy having just a few weeks off because it makes going back to school a little easier.

This quarter I have three classes, all with the same instructor, all in the same classroom, with basically all the same people.  It should be interesting, but I like most of the people, so it should be okay :)

We started off Anatomy today doing some introduction stuff, and in Physiology II we re-took the final from last quarter just to see how much we remembered.  I believe I got about 90% on it...even after not looking at the material for three weeks!  Not bad at all!

Finally, the school has what they call a weekly in-stall-ment, which is basically a newsletter they put in the bathroom stalls every week with reminders, upcoming events, etc.  They also post a "photo of the week," and this week some VT girls and I are featured! The photo was taken during Student Appreciation last quarter.

Tomorrow I only have Pharmacology, and it runs from 8am-10:40am.  I plan on staying every Tuesday and Thursday until at least 11 with some of the girls just reviewing what we learned in our three classes to help for the tests and to get the information down easier.

I will write more later this week!

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