August 24, 2011

Living the Dream :)

Hey guys!
This week has been a great one as well! :)

We had our second Math Comp (which I didn't have to worry about because I passed it the first time), and I was the only one who technically got 13/13 :D  Today, we took an exam on the Digestive System in Anatomy and I aced it!!  It was really tough and I felt like I guessed on some of the practical part (where he puts pins in a cat cadaver and we have to name what they are), but I did great!

After class today, I started my job as the Student Aid to the Vet Tech Department!  It is really exciting, even though I just did inventory!  I got to see the things I'll be working with (like stocking, the bulletin board, filing paperwork, etc).  I will have access to places most students won't, like the storage closets, the faculty room, etc.

It's been an awesome week! I need to get to studying though, because I have a Pharmacology Exam tomorrow.  I will let you know how it goes!

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