September 1, 2011

Week Seven Wrap-Up

Good Evening!

Earlier this week we used our Cat Cadavers to dissect the main arteries and veins of the circulatory system.  We went through them several times and I can now identify them just by looking at them :)

Ironically enough, I also gave blood on Monday for the second time ever.  My first time was in High School and I never did it again.  My sister Alicia and I decided to donate in memory of our Grandpa who donated over 16 gallons in his lifetime!  The blood drive was right at school, making it easy and convenient (for me, anyway!).  Our lobby was transformed into a Red Cross blood donation center!  I found out my blood type was A+ (just like my GPA ;)

After donating, I got to show Alicia around school including the classrooms and labs that I get to work in.  One of our instructors even had a dog out that we could see.  It was pretty fun...I felt like a little kid at open house ;)

Tuesday we had our final math comp, and everyone in my class passed.  I'm happy that no one has to take the class over again.  We also did a role-playing activity where we got to practice giving a client a prescription and explaining how to give it, what the possible side effects are, and what to look for in an allergic reaction.  I was told I did very good, and that I just had to work on my "Um..'s"

We also did a couple of vaccinations.  One person in our class gave a SubQ injection (I didn't volunteer because I have given them several times already), and I got to give a nasal vaccination for Bordetella (Kennel Cough).  The dog was really good, but she sneezed all over me after I gave it...which Dr. O says is pretty normal :P

Wednesday, we had a Physiology exam and I got 50/50 :)

Today in Pharmacology, we took a bunch of notes and practiced "Pilling" cats.  We basically use the same technique as for dogs, only we have to be more aware of their sharper teeth and claws.  I did mine without a hitch.

Earlier this week, I talked to my High School guidance counselor about my blog.  She told me that she would share it with students who may be interested in going into my field!  I love my school and coursework so much that I want to share it with others who may want to travel down the same road.  I am also considering going to the school and speaking to some students about my program here at Globe.

I was also told yesterday that the main veterinarian at school (and my new supervisor) would like me to attend a meeting she is having with the Wisconsin Veterinary Association as part of my student worker position.  I don't know much for details yet, but it sounds fun and interesting!

Now, I have a four day weekend (because of Labor Day), and a couple exams when I get back.  Hopefully I can set aside some time this weekend for studying!


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