October 15, 2011

Time For An Update, Ya Think?

Hello there...it's been a while, huh?

Well, first off I'll recap the end of last quarter.  I'll just show you my Final Exam Scores for Anatomy and Physiology :)

I studied like hell to get those grades, and it obviously paid off :)

Now, for Pharmacology.  It was definitely my most difficult class, and I had a 93% going into the final.  Our final exam was weighted 30% of our grade, so I had to do very well to get an A in the class.  I decided to host a Study Sleepover with some of the girls from school.  We had pizza, drinks, girl talk, and studying until 4 in the morning....and it paid off.  All of us got better grades than we had on most of our tests all quarter!  I got a 96% on mine...and it actually RAISED my grade to a 94%!

I finished the quarter with all A's again :) 4.0 after three quarters!!

New Quarter
October 3rd I started a new quarter.  I am taking Hematology (Blood), Parasitology (Feces), Imaging (X-rays), and Spanish I (Online).  It's going pretty good so far.  On Monday I stuck my first dog with a needle, and got it in the vein on my first try!  I've developed some x-rays, although I haven't taken any yet, and looked at some fecal samples for parasites.

I've also started my new job at school and I love it!  I do random tasks every day, such as filing, file making, laminating and stocking.  Every day is different and they are extremely flexible with my school schedule.  I basically set my own hours and I get paid!  Best job I've had... so far ; )

Next week I have several quizzes and a lab practical.  I've been very busy, being at school about 8 hours on Wednesdays and Fridays, and almost 11 hours on Mondays.  I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, which is really nice.  I use Tuesday as my homework day and I work at Marketplace Thursday mornings.  I usually have Saturdays off, which is really really nice to have, and I work Sunday mornings.  I really like the schedule I have.

I'll try to keep you updated a little better.  Sometimes I just forget to blog, and other days I'm just too lazy :P

Will write soon!

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