October 18, 2011

Work, Feces, Work, Blood..and Spanish ;)

Yesterday, I worked from 10:30 - 12:30 at school.  I got to help with the incoming animals for the week, caged all five of the cats and gave all of the new arrivals water.  Then, I weighed all of the new animals for the week by myself (not all of them sit nice like Humans do ;), and helped with paperwork.  I absolutely love working with my instructors on a different level.  They are a lot of fun to work with, and we have a quite a few laughs.

In Parasitology, we ran some fecal samples.  We centrifuged them after adding some liquid and used the microscopes to look for parasite eggs.  I didn't find any, but some others found some.  Not the coolest thing in the world to do, but it's necessary and a very useful diagnostic tool for catching parasites!  

After Parasitology, I worked for another hour just did some quick paperwork, filing, and laminating.  I had lunch and then it was on to Hematology.

In Hematology we had a quiz, a lecture, and then we went on to our Lab Practical.  We had to do a cephalic veinipuncture on a dog and most of us just had to get a "flash of blood" in the needle.  John needed some people to actually draw the blood so we could do the other part of the practical (I'll get to that).  

I volunteered to be one of the people to actually draw blood.  I got blood on the first poke :)  Unfortunately, the dog jerked and my needle pulled out without getting the complete amount that we needed.  Since we needed more, I also volunteered to draw a second time.  I, again, got it on the first try and this time it went perfectly!!  

We also had to take the blood that some of us drew and do some bloodwork, including packed cell volume and total protein like we've done before (see here) and blood smears (and here).  We also learned a new technique for counting cells.  

I was at school from 10:30 am to 9:30pm.  A whopping 11 hours.  Oofta!  I'm glad I only do that once a week :)

Today is Tuesday, and my day off, and I always work on my online Spanish homework.  I get my entire week's worth of class done on Tuesdays, so it's not really a day off.

Tomorrow I have Imaging, work at school, Parasitology, and a little more work.  I'll write soon!

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