November 10, 2011

Update: Fall Quarter Week 6

Hey All.

Thanks for bearing with my busy schedule and complete absence of posting this quarter.  I am at school every other day, making it easy to forget about blogging, homework, tests... (just kidding on those last two things ;)

Anyways, I'll recap you quick on things that I've been doing!  I have now drawn blood from a feline's cephalic vein, run SEVERAL fecal tests looking for parasites, run blood tests, and my new favorite adventure: taking X-rays!  When I was in High School, my original plan after was to become an X-ray Technician.  I find it amazing that what I could have learned in 2 years I'm learning in 12 weeks.  My class has only three students in it, so I get to be involved in all of the x-rays we take!

We get to don these awesome lead aprons and thyroid shields, as well as lead rimmed glasses.  I assure you, we are runway worthy.

I have taken and helped restrain for several x-rays, including for a cat's thorax and a sedated Yorkie's pelvis and skull.  I have taken pictures of them for my personal "x-ray album," however I don't know if I am allowed to share them with you.  I will have to get clearance for that first :)

It's about midterm and I am doing pretty good.  I am getting a 96% in my online Spanish Class, a 95% in Imaging, A in Parasitology ( I don't know the exact percentage), and a 90.00% in Hematology.

I am trying to regroup and re-focus my energy towards Hematology, and keeping my 4.0.  I have found going to school every other day really really makes it harder to keep on track.  I want to keep my 4.0, and I have absolutely no reason that I shouldn't, so I am going hard core, all in the next six weeks.

Six weeks.  In six weeks, I will be one half done with my program!! I am so excited and scared and nervous all at the same time.  I know things will continue to get harder, but I've got such a great support system behind me, I know I will be just fine.

Sorry if this post is all over the place, but it is really hard to blog after an absence.  Maybe I will add BLOG to my assignment notebook so I do it at least once a week?

Tomorrow, I have a midterm exam in Imaging.  I feel pretty good about it.  The last exam we took was 106 points and it was probably 95% short answer (i.e. pull the answer out of our choosing ABCD).  I got a 102/106 - a 96% :)

Like I said earlier, sorry for the randomness, and I will try to post more.  Midterm tomorrow and work at school (which I absolutely love, btw :)

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