November 11, 2011

Imaging Midterm, Work

Hey!  I know, I know.  I'm just as surprised as you are...two days in a row!  *takes a bow*

Anyways... Today we took our Imaging midterm.  It went pretty well.  One of the things that I absolutely love about my instructor is that she lets us utilize the tools that we have around us on exams.  For example, we can go back to the x-ray room, turn the machine on and play with the settings if we need it to help us with the exam.  She also encourages us to keep a stuffed animal at our desk during the exam to help visualize putting the animals in positions, placing markers, etc.

She posted our grades tonight and I got 115.5/120 = 96%  :)!!

Work at school today was really fun too, as usual.  I spent some time rearranging a file cabinet or two, made some signs, some name cards for the pocket pet cages, made some copies, filed some papers, organized some files, stocked some gloves, filled Nolvasan (disinfectant) spray bottles, mixed a bottle of diluted Nolvasan, and some other random stuff.

On Fridays, we close campus at 4:00pm (Winter Hours), so I've made it a point to make sure all the cupboards in the Vet Tech Department are locked.  There are few classes and instructors around to do so, so I think that it helps out.  Today I even shut down all the lights and locked all the classrooms.  It feels great to be a part of something like that!

Well, it's the weekend.  But that doesn't mean that school stops!  I have a smaller project due Monday, and I have some catch-up studying that I need to do for Hematology.

Have a good one all! And let's see if we can go for three (school) days in a row! ;)

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