January 6, 2012

The Year 2011

I thought I'd give you a quick recap of all of the things that I learned how to do in school this past year.  The following are mainly on dogs and cats, unless otherwise noted :)

- Restrain cats and dogs for various procedures
- Properly apply dog and cat muzzles, including making a muzzle from a piece of gauze
- Properly us restraint devices including a cat bag, rabies pole, and towels
- Trim nails
- Express anal glands (fun, fun!)
- Clean and medicate ears
- Obtain temperature, pulse, and respirations
- Maintain lab equipment including Complete Blood Count Machine, Chemistry Machine, centrifuges and incubators
- Apply an e-collar
- Collecting urine and fecal samples
- Perform various lab tests including packed cell volume, total protein, specific gravity, urinalysis and bacteria cultures
- Make proper diagnostic blood smears
- Collect and evaluate ear cytology
- Witnessed a necropsy
- Properly label medications
- Fill medication orders including liquids
- Reconstitute a dry medication/vaccine
- Dispense medicine to the client, including explaining how to give it, possible side effects, etc
- Administer subcutaneous injection
- Hand pilling both dogs and cats
- Administering liquid medications
- Setting up and maintaining an x-ray machine and developing room
- Set up for, take, develop, and read several different radiographs including thoracic, abdominal, extremities, skulls, etc.
- Perform a GI contrast study on a cat
- Radiographed a chicken, rat and horse
- Develop and use a radiographic technique chart
- Use both a stationary and portable x-ray machine
- Label, file and store film
- Cleaning intensifying screens
- Perform cephalic, jugular, and saphenous venipuncture (blood draws)
- Perform various blood tests including manual white blood cell counts and estimates, Snap tests, platelet estimates and white blood cell differentials
- Perform diagnostic procedures for Heartworm
- Collect and perform various lab tests on fecal samples to look for parasites
- Collect and examine skin scrapings

In twelve short months, I will have learned much more including dealing with pocket pets, exotics, equine and production animals, anesthesia, performing a full physical exam, implanting microchips, inserting IV catheters, and much, much more...and I'm still as excited as I was a year ago!! 

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  1. Sounds like a great year!! Very interesting
    Keep it up.