January 18, 2012

First Post of My 5th Quarter

WOW!  I just typed "5th Quarter."  In less than 11 months, I will be graduating!  Woop Woop :)

I've been super busy with classes this quarter.  I am taking three, but they are sure full of homework.  Alex even mentioned how much more homework I have this quarter than any other.  I have Small Animal Nursing and Nutrition, where we learn about all the basics of nursing including everything from physical exams to nutrition to nursing procedures like putting in IV catheters!  It is a whirlwind of information and there are LOTS of workbook assignments... and thinking!

In Advanced Clinical Skills we are learning the laboratory side of things such as taking skin, fecal, urine, and blood samples and running tests on them, looking at them under the microscope, etc.  These tests are used for diagnosing tons of things like parasites, urinary problems, dietary issues, determining whether or not a wound is infected, etc.

In Lab Animals, Exotics, and Pocket Pets we are learning all about non-traditional pets like mice, rabbits, gerbils, rats, reptiles, etc.  We'll be doing blood draws, injections, radiographs, etc.  We'll be taking a field trip to the Menomonie High School to play hands on with a bunch of these creatures in a few weeks.  It shall be fun!  We're also discussing going to a pet store to check out some of their pets too.

I'm taking on more tasks at school too.  My instructors want me to help lead the Vet Tech Club.  I'm nervous and sort of excited to be taking on a role as such, since the VT club isn't exactly up and running.  I am also tutoring a fellow student in VT Math.  That's really fun and nice because I get to help someone out and get my math homework done too :)

Today in SANN, we did several advanced physical exam techniques including what's called a Schirmer Tear Test, where you basically place a strip into the eye and it measures the dryness of the eye.  The picture below depitcs it.  You leave the strip for a minute and read the strip.  Anything out of a certain value indicates dry eye.

We also did what is called a Fluorescein stain on they eye.  This is basically a highlighting agent that will detect corneal ulcers (a scratch on the eye). You look at the stain with a black-light type device.

This depicts putting the stain into the eye.

 This would be a positive result indicating a corneal ulcer.  The ulcer is the big green spot on the eye.
A negative result would only show the green ring where the stain pools in the corners of the eye.

We learned to us a tonometer and an opthalmoscope today too.  I got to look through the eye and see the retina and the optic disk where all the nerves and blood vessels gather and go to the brain!  It was pretty sweet.  We also looked through an otoscope into the ear and seen the ear drum.

For the tonometer, you use a device that you press against the eye several times to get a reading of the pressure inside the eye.  An increased pressure indicates Glaucoma.  Below is a picture.

That's all for now.  I will try to update some more between all my homework, work, classes, tutoring, and sleep :P

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