June 15, 2011

Winding Down :)

This past week, we collected urine samples using a very highly skilled technique: following a dog around outside until it decides to do its business, and then attempting to catch it with a soup-ladle looking device.  Very.Highly.Skilled.  And I accomplished it on my first try! :P

With the urine, we ran a few tests.  First, we did a gross examination, which means just looking at it for color, clarity, and any debris.  Next, we used the refractometer (refer to previous posts) to measure specific gravity, or concentration of the urine.  Then, we put several drops on a dipstick with several different chemical pads that change color depending on  the test.  Once the pads change colors, you can compare them to the dipstick bottle and it will tell you several qualities of the urine such as pH level, glucose levels, ketones, if there's any blood, and more.  Here's an example:

Finally, we spun the urine down and examined it under the microscope.
We also did some fecal analysis, but I'll spare you the details :)

The quarter is winding down.  I got the rest of my Essential Skills signed off for this quarter, 100% on the first try for all of them :)  Coming up, I have a Final in Veterinary Office Procedures on Friday, and two Finals next Wednesday.  I better get studying!

Will let you know how it goes :)

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