October 6, 2012

Week 1 (almost) Complete

Things I got to do this week:

  • Blood draws
  • Bloodwork
  • Lots of radiographs
  • IV set up and maintenance
  • Using the computer system
  • Stocking
  • Fecal, Urine and Ear cytology analysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Euthanasia set up
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Doppler (blood pressure)
  • Drug calculation and administrations
  • Maintenance of oxygen chambers
  • Adding medications to a fluid bag
  • Gave medication to a dog to induce vomitting in a doberman that ate some socks
  • Scrub in for surgery

Things I got to witness:

  • An ultrasound specialist draw fluid out and away from the heart of a kitty
  • The euthanasia of three orphaned kittens who were only weeks old and covered in maggots
  • Big worms from a stray Beagle :/
  • The removal of a femoral head and a seroma (puss filled pocket)
  • How quickly vomitting medication can work
  • How quickly sedatives can work
  • Cystocentesis (removal of urine from the bladder using a needle and syringe) using a ultrasound to guide it

And most importantly, I've learned how I finally got it right, I'm in the right field, and I've picked a phenomenal hospital to learn at!!  I'll update later!

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