June 12, 2012

Final Surgery Lab


Today, we had our last day of Surgery.  This week, I was the scrub nurse for a canine neuter.  My job was to prepare and sterilize all the packs needed for surgery, including gowns, instruments, and draping material.  I also had to scrub in (aka wash thoroughly for about 10 minutes!), gown and glove, and keep sterile while I draped my patient.

I also got to help with the surgery.   After the nerves and getting into the Sterile Zone of "what I can touch," and "what I cannot touch," I started to have a lot of fun.  I got to hand the Doctor instruments and sutures, help blot up blood, and I even got to cut the testicles out under the supervision of the Doctor!!

It was a lot of fun, and I realized that I was even sort of sad that it's over... for now!

Will write more later, a week and a half left until summer break!! WOOP WOOP :)

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