February 10, 2012

IV's and Bunnies


On Wednesday in my Small Animal Nursing/Nutrition class, we started practicing putting in IV catheters.  We practiced using a rolled up magazine with a rubber tube filled with IV fluid attached to it using vet wrap to simulate a vein in a leg.

It was kind of neat to know that we will be placing these IV catheters on real animals next week.  Eek!

On Thursday, I picked up five rabbits from the High School we visited last week so we could do some learning with them.  All of the rabbits were SUPER friendly and very fun to work on.  Here's some things we did:

SubQ Injections

Nail Trims

Gave Oral "Medications"

And Blood Draws (From the Ear!)

I got my blood draw on the first time!  Their ear veins are so tiny.. so I was super happy.  My bunny had dark hair too, so it was much harder to see the vein :D

 We also performed some routine urinalysis on some dog and cat urine.  We didn't find anything, but as we always say...good for them, bad for us :)

I also had my first interaction with a blind dog.  He was the "son" of one of my instructors.  He was a hound, and it was so sad to see the scared, vacant look in his eyes.  But he was such a sweetheart!  

That's all for now.  Will write more next week :)  

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